Choral Tradition

In 1998, having previously toured and worked together as members of Northern Harmony, Mick Verrier and Matt Wojcik assembled a group of singers under the name Choral Tradition. The group rehearsed for a week and then undertook a short tour around England and Wales. The intention was for the group to continue but within a year the ten members were spread across two continents and no more than two members were even living in the same county! Apart from a few one-off performances when enough members could be brought together, Choral Tradition remained dormant until 2010, when Mick decided to resurrect the name and assemble a new group.

This time, it was decided that the group should be formed through an ongoing series of workshops - the Choral Tradition Winter Workshops (see the next page for more details).

It is hoped that in time a new performing group will emerge from the workshops - watch this space for more details!