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Choral Tradition

In 1998, having previously toured and worked together as members of Northern Harmony, Mick Verrier and Matt Wojcik assembled a group of singers under the name Choral Tradition. The group rehearsed for a week and then undertook a short tour around England and Wales. The intention was for the group to continue but within a year the ten members were spread across two continents and no more than two members were even living in the same county! Apart from a few one-off performances when enough members could be brought together, Choral Tradition remained dormant until 2010, when Mick decided to resurrect the name and assemble a new group.

Following a period of several years in which Choral Tradition appeared intermittently as a workshop vehicle, a regular group emerged exploring and performing the West Gallery and Shape Note traditions and new music in those styles. Choral Tradition has also performed works combining spoken word, song and music including Mick's August 1914, Eleventh Hour, Christmas with the Quire and Firedrake and the Fritzes.